About Christopher Stuart

Christopher Stuart powered by eXp is a game-changing estate agent in a rapidly expanding global real estate marketplace. His company’s tech & brand enabled model has inspired a new wave of thinking in the industry, and its approach to daring and unconventional marketing has elevated and revolutionised the way people think of real estate.

Started in 2019 out of frustration in being able to find an estate agency that was able to deliver the highest standards of sales and service, ‘Christopher Stuart Powered by eXp’ has grown to be a brand that is able to consistently deliver both of these things, and on top of that, the after agreement follow up rivals nobody else on the market. He will guide you through every single aspect of selling your house to finding your next home. He guarantees to put the fun and excitement back into what is a very exciting part of your life.

Christopher Stuart powered by eXp is a small family run business that caps the amount of properties they sell to ensure they always offer the highest possible service to all of their clients without compromise. Property is their passion, which is also the reason they love doing what they do.

Whether you are a first time buyer, moving to downsize or an investor in the area they will do everything for you so you can go about your day to day life not having to worry or even think about anything. Every aspect of their business is conceptualised, designed and built in-house. Creativity, integrity, quality and passion in service are the fundamentals to their success and growth.


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Get in touch

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